I Dare You – Limited Edition CD & Poster

I Dare You Limited Edition CD with Poster  &  I Dare You T-Shirt

Created to mark the one year anniversary of the day the West End Theatres went dark, this stunning CD and poster package is limited to 200 copies. Each poster is numbered, and the CD features the incredible new arrangement of I Dare You. Bringing the indomitable spirit of the West End together in one glorious celebration, it includes every musical that was open in the West End when the theatres went dark. The song was first played on Radio 2 on the Zoe Ball breakfast show on Tuesday 16th March.

•  You can buy the song digitally at https://slinky.to/IDareYou

   Available on Spotify, Apple music, Amazon, Deezer etc

Produced and Mixed by Steve Anderson for 365 Artists

Written by Natalie Henby, Ben West, Jeff Gitelman, Jesse Shatkin, Laura Veltz
Arranged by Will Sharma
Video Design by Bruno Collins
Creative Director David Grewcock