Grant Application

The aim of The Make A Difference Trusts’ grant making is to make a difference to the lives of communities living with HIV and AIDS through criteria funding.

Who is eligible to apply?

Any charity that is currently registered within the UK and is running activities to benefit those living with, or at risk from, HIV and AIDS.

Who is excluded from applying?

  • Any organisation looking to The Make A Difference Trust to replace statutory funding or where the request being made is a specific statutory responsibility.
  • Organisations requesting retrospective funding.
  • Conference costs.
  • Ongoing core revenue costs.
  • Any organisation planning to re-grant and not deliver the majority of the Project themselves.

When to apply?

  • Applications from HIV related organisations are considered by our Trustees twice a year in Spring and Autumn. You may apply at any time.

Download the Application Form, Partner Assessment Tool, and Criteria & Procedure Notes. Please download and read the following documents carefully before submitting an application:

Successful applicants, please download the Monitoring & Evaluation Form below: