Joyful Noise Choir is an inclusive, peer support group made up entirely of people living with HIV
Joyful Noise Choir – NAZ

Joyful Noise Choir is an inclusive, peer support group made up entirely of people living with HIV. It not only serves as a community for HIV-positive individuals, but as an uplifting and inspiring tool to help end the stigma associated with HIV.

Joyful Noise Choir is open to anyone living with HIV and offers multiple opportunities to connect with others and raise awareness, including practices, workshops and public performances. The choir also is open to individuals who wish to keep their HIV status confidential.

NAZ is the sexual health charity dedicated to delivering culturally-specific sexual health services to those historically left behind. We do this because there’s a big gap in the sexual health outcomes of Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities compared to the general population. Everything we do works to reverse this.

We are one of the largest sexual health charities in London initiated and led by ethnic minorities. We are also one of the longest-established charities to focus predominantly on sexual health improvement and HIV support services for BAME communities. Through our outreach, programmes, services, and events, we reach around 10,000 people each year. Our core services are available in five languages, and all NAZ services are free.

The NAZ board, staff and volunteers are recruited from across the communities we seek to impact. Today, NAZ offers the most relevant and culturally-specific range of sexual health services and programmes for men and women from BAME communities.

Prince Harry visits London sexual health charity amid HIV awareness campaign

Harry said: “I know there are so many issues around family stuff and cultural stuff, I know that, but I really do believe and I’ve said this to the really young generation, the kids as well, I know it’s a sensitive subject but we’ve got to do this and people need to hear it from you.

They don’t want to hear it from me, they want to hear it from you, and I honestly believe that’s the only way we can do it.”