Press Release: We’re Extending Our Charitable Offer – 3 Aug 2017

The Make A Difference Trust to extend their charitable offer.

For over 25 years, the Make A Difference Trust has been supporting those living with HIV & AIDS. However, after careful consultation and consideration, the board of trustees has decided to extend our charitable offer in line with the object of The Trust, to relieve poverty suffering and to preserve health.

The Make A Difference Trust has produced some of the most spectacular and well known events in the West End.  West End Bares, West End Eurovision and West End Christmas are a few amongst the many sell-out shows that are made possible by the amazing theatre community. The Trust intends to share their experience, staff and facilities to support the theatre community when they wish to respond to emergencies and disasters, or to show support for one of their own in dire need.

The Chair, Melanie Tranter says:

“Over the many years of MAD fundraising, one thing has struck me time and time again: the incredible generosity and humanity of the theatre community. Over and over they give their precious time to help others.

When the recent tragedy happened in Manchester I was contacted to help arrange a minutes silence by those in our industry wishing to show support.

TheatreMAD has a long history of raising funds through our events and a wealth of expertise which we would like to share. Whilst we are and will always be a HIV & AIDS charity, we will now be extending our offer so that we can share all this experience with theatre community. Should someone wish to put on a benefit for Manchester, or Grenfell Tower for example, or indeed to support a friend in the industry who finds themselves in dire need, we will be able to offer all our knowledge and resources to support their event.

Community has always been the key to MAD. Under the TheatreMAD banner and with support from our office we can come together as a community to make an event happen and make a difference to those in need.”

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