Self Test HIV Kits

We offer a free and totally confidential BioSURE HIV Self -Test kit. Similar to a home pregnancy test, you do it yourself and see the result in just a few minutes.

These tests are normally £29.95, however we will provide them free of charge for eligible individuals; that is, anyone who works in the UK Theatre Industry.

Sorry, we can only provide test kits to people who work in the UK theatre industry.

We will send you a BioSURE HIV Self-Test free of charge, in an unmarked package, to any UK address. The test involves taking a small blood sample from a finger prick. Follow the simple instructions and you will be able to read the result yourself within 15 minutes.

We will share your name and address securely with our fulfillment partner BioSURE UK, only in order to supply your test kit. They will only use your details to post you the testing kit.

Do you work in the UK theatre industry?